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Cleanliness brings positivity. Ozzy Master Cleaners will help you rejuvenate your old carpets and refresh your new ones. With our professional carpet cleaning services, you can restore your carpet’s scent and appearance.

Get the Cleanest Carpet on the Block – Choose Ozzy Master Cleaner at your Disposal

We all want to clean and sanitise our homes but need help. Introducing you to the leader who helps you quickly do that easily, Ozzy master cleaners, the carpet cleaning experts. With over 10 years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry, we are one of Australia’s best carpet cleaning service providers, servicing commercial and domestic clients.

We’ll get your carpet professionally cleaned in Melbourne in no time. Our professional carpet cleaners Kurunjang, Melbourne only use the best detergents for cleaning carpets and top-of-the-line shampoo made with the proper solutions and manufactured with industrial-grade equipment to ensure the job is done efficiently.

Providing professional carpet cleaning service, we have decades of experience, the most up-to-date practices, and state-of-the-art equipment to complete the job on time and within budget. Sit back while we handle the mess, and relax while we get your carpet looking like new again.

As a leading company, we exceed our customers’ expectations. Our highly trained and experienced cleaners ensure that no stone goes unturned to help keep the home environment clean.

Our cleaning team will give you a walkthrough of the process, answering any questions regarding the carpet cleaning. If you need a carpet cleaning service, please contact us today, and you can get world-class carpet cleaning services with us.

Our Top-quality Carpet Cleaning Services

We at Ozzy Master offer premium cleaning services in the industry. We are well known not just by name, but have shown results through our actions and well thought strategies. As a premium carpet cleaning service provider, we offer high-quality carpet cleaning services to ensure you have a clean office or home environment.

At Ozzy Master Cleaners, we are professional carpet cleaning services coming forward with a motto to leave no stains behind. Being a commercial carpet cleaning company, our cleaners pay attention to specifics. This stands us apart in the commercial carpet cleaning industry, turning various businesses in Melbourne and other parts of Australia to count on us to clean their carpet perfectly. If you find any stains on the carpet, call us, and we will bring your carpet back to new condition.

Being one of Australia’s top carpet cleaning services, cleanliness contributes to the growth and positive living. At Ozzy Master, we offer a wet vacuum carpet cleaning service that keeps your space clean and ensures that you live in a clean space.

Water is heated to clean surfaces with steam cleaning until it becomes hot vapour. You don’t need to worry about the hassle of long-list steam cleaning procedures when you work with us, and you can count on us to perform carpet steam cleaning to a high standard. Carpet steam cleaning Melbourne is what we are renowned for in various parts of Australia. 

Bringing New Life to Carpets: 4-Step Process

With years of experience testing the best cleaning products, detergents, and methods on the market, we’ve refined a proven process that delivers unbeatable results that other cleaning solutions can’t match. Let us help you restore the pristine condition of that old carpet right before your eyes instead of throwing it away. Here is the list of result-oriented carpet cleaning processes we follow:

Stains or marks cannot be "set" once the material has been pre-treated to loosen soiling and loosen stains. Using a detergent suitable for the fibre or stain we intend to treat, we can clean the carpet effectively.

The “situation” could be coffee, wine, vomit, blood, urine from a pet, or some other type of disaster. We have many stain removal products on hand for you to choose the best one to use once you have found the stain you want to remove.

There's magic here. We utilise industry-leading equipment to accomplish this process. Our water-damage carpet cleaning professionals use hot water to shampoo and clean the carpet fibres whilst extracting all bacteria and dirt from the carpeted areas. With our powerful hot water extraction machines, we specialise in cleaning water-damaged carpet. Count on us to have the added benefit of getting rid of all the damaged carpets quickly.

Having carpets that look and smell clean is essential to you (and your guests). During every cleaning, we use a deodoriser and a sanitiser, and this method kills the bacteria that cause bad odours and leaves your home smelling fresh.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services: What makes us the best in Industry

The carpet cleaning industry is flooded with carpet cleaners, but reliable and efficient service provides the best carpet cleaning Melbourne. This is where we come in, counting on Ozzy Master Cleaners to have your back in offering your second-to-none affordable carpet cleaning services. Don’t believe words? Here are the top factors that distinguish us from professional carpet cleaners Melbourne.

  • An Industry Veteran With More Than Ten Years of Experience

    Having over 10 years of expertise in carpet cleaning and having performed carpet cleaning throughout Australia, we can provide the highest quality at an unbelievably low price. Our clients can relax knowing we offer everything they need to maintain a clean home, including commercial, end-of-tenancy, upholstery, mattress, and rug cleaning.

  • Easy Online Quotations and Booking Process

    We follow the motto “Customer is our priority” and hold onto this and hence have kept the easy carpet cleaning scheduling service. This is what turned us into the leader in clean carpet professionals in the cleaning industry. We offer a reliable, affordable, and easy-to-book carpet cleaning service.

  • An Excellent Staff

    Our highly trained clean carpet professionals provide a customised cleaning solution throughout each visit, and all of our services are fully guaranteed. Despite the toughness of these stains, we have proven to be able to get rid of them using our service.

  • Cleaning Is More Effective

    We provide professional carpet cleaning Kurunjang, Melbourne, such as deep carpet cleaning and sanitising, that can make your carpet look brand new after completing all our cleaning procedures. Whether it is dealing with stains, dirt, odours, or messes, you will never have to worry about it!

  • Life Expectancy

    It is generally believed that carpets have a lifespan of about ten years. With our cleaning services, we can keep the carpet clean and extend its lifespan by removing dirt and wear and tear that might shorten the carpet's lifespan.


Top Class Carpet Cleaning Company

Whether you’re looking for a carpet cleaning company, sofa cleaning company or pet stain removal company, Ozzy master cleaner is Australia’s go-to carpet cleaning expert. Our commercial and residential carpet cleaning services are of the highest quality from the start. In addition to providing top-quality, personalised cleaning services, our associates are committed to ensuring the comfort and convenience of our valued customers.

Carpets and upholstery are our specialties. Our team’s priorities are quality, care, and professionalism to ensure we do the job correctly the first time. Ozzy master cleaners are highly qualified and strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Our carpet cleaners can assist you with the best carpet cleaning today.

3 Rooms

  • Professional carpet cleaning services
  • Get assistance from the experienced cleaners
  • Cleaning using the high-end cleaning solutions
  • Responsive customer support
  • Flexible payment options

5 Rooms

  • Advanced level carpet cleaning that leaves no mess behind
  • Professional carpet cleaning services
  • Use of top quality and organic solutions
  • Post cleaning support
  • Flexible payment options

Frequently Asked Questions...

Carpet cleaning does not require a specific time. It is typical to clean carpets every two to three months at home or work, but if you have many guests or employees working on the carpet directly throughout the day, you should hire someone to do it every two to three weeks clean.

No, not necessary. You are free to choose whether you want to be at home during the workday. We suggest you stay home to ensure that the task is completed as you wish so that you can witness that your carpets cleaning is properly performed.

Along with our carpet cleaning service, we offer carpet shampooing. Our specialty is performing proper shampooing, removing stains & spots, thoroughly vacuuming, and eradicating odours from the carpets.

As a carpet cleaning company, we aim to provide a complete solution to your carpet cleaning needs. Our advanced equipment and cleaning solvents remove any stain, spot, or spill. We do our best to get rid of stains, but if they’re stubborn, we don’t insist on making an instant clean-up because it could ruin the carpet or take repeated cleanings to get the stain out.

Having professional cleaners with more than ten years of experience is one of the best things about Ozzy Master cleaners. Ozzy Master cleaners are also more productive and do the job faster and right, so hiring them for carpet cleaning is better.

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